Anti-Valentine's Day Degustation RM265++

Chef Isadora Chai returns with another twisted degustation, ironically straight after Valentine’s Day. This dinner is dedicated to diners with a dark sense of humour, fabulous singles and Valentine’s Day survivors. Bring your like-minded friends to this eat in protest or join the Communal Singles’ Table*

“Heart Break”

Otoro tuna tartar with quail’s egg

“Gold Digger”


“Black Day in South Korea”

Black nut tapenade noodles with shredded blue swimmer crabmeat

“Eat your heart out”

Grilled Ox heart tomatoes & bone marrow risotto

“I lost my Prime Years to you”

US Prime beef with mushroom fritters, parsnip polenta & foie gras emulsion

“Don’t marry for money, divorce for it”

Broken kaffir leaf & lemon curd tart with Yuzu icecream & Earl Grey

“If you’re happy and you know it, thank your Ex”

Bitter-sweet chocolate ice cream

* Communal Singles’ Table Degustation starts at 8pm sharp.

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Themed Degustation Nights

We host an extra special degustation night on the first Monday of every month. Our Chef gets a little playful, a little experimental and takes our guests on a epicurian journey that is not to be missed.

Past events have taken our guest around the world in 8 dishes and a Manga themed degustation with its own original manga.

The menu is fixed but we can cater for special dietary requirements, please inform us when you book a degustation dinner as we will strive to create alternatives for you.

If you would like to be informed on the ever-changing degustation menu for the month, please subscribe to our mailing list.

Degustation events are strictly by reservation only.

The Manga Degustation debuts Chef Isadora’s dark original Manga. An amalgamation of Japanese and French flavours, the dishes served as part of this degustation were subliminally based on the chapters presented throughout the dinner.

Each course was based on one page or ‘chapter’ and each page was individually presented, parallel to that course. A talented graphic artist was commissioned to illustrate the comic book.

Based on Jules Verne’s classic novel ‘Le tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours’, Bistro à Table served an 8-course degustation consisting of French chimera dishes of sorts based on the destination countries.

Each diner received a passport as they commence their culinary journey. Not for the conservative or fainted-hearted, this degustation is an adventure for the gastro gourmand struck with wanderlust.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Cholate Factory", this degustation celebrated the sweet side of this classic children book. Inspired by desserts, Chef Chai reinterpreted savouruy dishes presented in dessert form.

Just like the book, each dish is not quite what it seemed, taking our guest on a playful sweet journey with each dishes.

Moved by Malaysia's new tourism tagline "Endless Possibilities", Bistro à Table pokes fun at its context & subjectiveness serving yet again a humorous interpretation of the slogan.

Leave your political inclinations at home and arm yourself with a dash of humour and an empty stomach as the night's possibilities, as they say, are endless.

This degustation celebrates the March Hare and other fascinating characters and elements of Lewis Carroll's magical novel released in 1865. Enter a mystical night offering a surprising menu that will enchant and remind us once again why we can always identify with at least one character in the menagerie of loony bins.

Following Malaysia's 13th General Elections, the Chef has been spurred to create dishes inspired by recent highlighted events and has satirized it for this evening's meal. Drop you political inclinations at home and arm yourself with a sense of humour. After all, life is one big joke, isn't it?

In the spirit of coffee shop talk, tonight's food's style is a Malaysian-French crossbreed of sorts